Presentations Update Reply

The Midwest tour has been extended. Marta Henshaw at the Backwoods store in Overland Park, outside Kansas City has invited us to do a presentation in their store. For each of the presentations, we’ll start off with a brief talk about the expedition, some pictures and videos, then take any of your questions. Clothing is required. So, here are the current dates, locations and times:Amazon express expedition Peru

-Thursday April 18 @ 7 pm
6825 W 135th Street
Overland Park, KS
-Friday April 19th @ 6pm
Willie’s Pub & Pool
1109 E Broadway
Columbia, Missouri
-Saturday April 20th @  7pm
Alpine Shop
440 N Kirkwood Rd
Kirkwood, Missouri

Expedition Presentations Scheduled 3

I’ll be heading to the Midwest to give a talk and show some pictures/video about the expedition in April. We

My world for 12+ hours each day.

My world for 12+ hours each day.

have yet to schedule a venue in the Kansas City area, however we’ve got central and eastern Missouri covered:

On April 19th at 6pm,  Willie’s Pub & Pool located at 1109 E Broadway in Columbia, Missouri will host the presentation. Then, on April 20th at  7pm at the Alpine Shop at 440 N Kirkwood Rd in Kirkwood, Missouri, outside St. Louis we’ll be presenting the expedition. Please come on over and I’ll be ready to answer most anything you want to know about the planning and paddling of the entire Amazon River from it’s source in the Andes.

We’ll keep everyone posted about any other upcoming presentations and hopefully will get one on schedule for the Kansas City area if we can find a venue.

The Wild Dog of the Amazon

In late May 2014, the biologist Lary Reeves , associate researcher and ecologist veterinary Renata Leite Pitman , placed a camera in front of the decaying corpse of a white – lipped peccary , hoping to capture images a feast of vultures . While viewing the result she was met with huge surprise visit from one of the animals most elusive and least seen the Planet :
And in this, more extensive, taken and commented by Paul Rosolie in February of 2013:

Although the Spanish name of atelocino appears in publications such as fox short ear , I preferred to calldog short ear more in line with science, and that gender Atelocynus belongs to the tribe Canini and not theVulpini which includes the foxes . It is, therefore taxonomically, a dog .
This small canid the size of a fox is an endemic species of the least explored forests of the Amazon rainforest and is so rare that:
• Until the year 2000 was not the object of serious study in the field.
• Many of the most expert biologists and field researchers in the Amazon have never seen it.
• The number of specimens in zoos around the world is zero.
• Check Dog Breed Index
With short, thick and erect hair, it measures from 70 to 100 cm long and 30 cm long. Its nose is similar to that of the fox and its ears rounded and small can measure between 3 and 5 cm. It has short legs and agile partially webbed because its habitat is partly aquatic. Its color varies from dark gray to reddish, although it can also be almost navy blue, brown brown, brown or black, a wide range that allows it to be easily mimicked by the shady tones of Amazonian undergrowth , making huge and fortunately difficult to capture.

This wild dog exhibits some atypical behaviors in most canines . Dodged the man , moves with more agility as a feline that of a canid .
A female in heat can follow a male for an hour as it points the way to the ground with the musk segregated by its anal glands. In addition, they are not structured in packs but prefer to lead a solitary life .
As real squatters, they use the burrows of the giant armadillo and share them in turns with other lonely attitudes , occupying them for a day and staying indoors for up to two hours, to protect themselves from their predators, mainly the jaguar or the puma .

Their diet is very varied. It feeds on fish (28%), insects (17%), small mammals (13%), fruits (10%), birds (10%), crabs (10%) and, in smaller quantities, batrachians and reptiles . Despite having been historically considered carnivore , recent research shows that your fruit intake is higher than what is traditionally believed and is also carrion , so you can ensure that is an omnivorous animal .

The short ear dog has been sighted in scattered areas of the Amazon : Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Brazil. His presence in Venezuela was suggested by Hershkovitz in 1961, but was never confirmed. Lives in various parts of the Amazon rainforest , preferring areas with little human presence. Several studies have suggested the presence of the species in the entire region of the forests of the lowlands of the Amazon , occupying as diverse ecosystems like the rainforest , the forest várzea or cloud forest and the Andean forest piedmont in Ecuador and Peru up to 2000 meters.

Renata Leite Pitman
In 2000, a team of researchers led by Renata Leite Pitman began to study this species in their own natural habitat , ensuring that their distribution in the basin of the Amazon is more irregular and restricted than previously believed. They held radio tracking four dogs in Los Amigos, Peru . Lacy, six months (followed for two months) his mother Mammay (for one year) Dominga and Pan You can see the poster summary of this experience.
“They are rare and difficult to see,” says Leite Pitman , a researcher at Duke University and National Geographic correspondent . Due to its solitary and elusive character, very little is known about its behavior, population and distribution. After 14 years of fieldwork, the team Leite Pitman has been found that, despite avoid dealing with human and recognize his presence behind the camera trap placed in the jungle , once captured for radio tracking control, have Shown docile, having even been able to walk for an hour with a female in zeal attached to a leash, behind the track of a male.

The atelocino appears in the Red List of the IUCN like species almost threatened , being its main threats
• Reduction of their natural habitat by the deforestation of large areas of forest to obtain wood.
• Conversion of these areas into arable land intended mainly for the production of soybeans .
• Of the population of their prey for the same reason.
• diseases such as parvovirus , the distemper and rabies , introduced by human action through asilvestramiento of dogs domestic.

What can you do for the atelocino?
Much more than you think, but before, you should know that:
• The deforestation d and the Amazon is closely related to soybean cultivation and consumption of products.
• In the last three years they have destroyed 70,000 km2 of Amazon forest , equivalent to six football pitches per minute. Much of this destruction is due to the expansion of soybean crops . (Source: Greenpeace )
• The soybeans grown in the Amazon comes from the powerful multinational Monsanto , which produces genetically modified seeds, designed to resist the powerful herbicide created by itself: the glyphosate . The Glyphosate is the active ingredient of Roundup (brand name herbicide produced by Monsanto, for whose misleading advertising was fined in 2007 ) . This herbicide kills not only plants but also all living things: bees , butterflies , dragonflies and other pollinators , birds, reptiles and mammals, also destroying the crops of small indigenous farmers who are forced to buy transgenic seeds from Monsanto . The autochthonous varieties thus disappear before the imposition of this modern agrarian feudalism .
• Two studies by the CNRS (the French CSIC) in 2004 and 2005 showed that the active compound of the herbicide Roundup was related to human cancer causing cell cycle deregulation. (Source: Wikipedia )
• In Europe , the GM foods , main current activity of Monsanto , found strong opposition by the people and farmers, who consider unproven their safety for human health . Because of this, Monsanto announced in 2013 its withdrawal from the European market except three countries: Spain , Portugal and Czech Republic . (Source: Wikipedia )
• In exchange, many of the processed foods that we find in supermarkets include among their ingredients transgenic soy or some of its derivatives, such as oil or lecithin from crops taken from the jungle .
Avoid the brands included in the Red Guide . You will see that many of the ones that you usually buy are in the Green Guide . (You will find the Guide at the end of the document)
• The cultivation of GM foods is virtually nonexistent in the European Union with the exception of Spain and Romania . (Source: Wikipedia)
• The only crop with genetically modified seeds authorized in Spain is corn MON810 from Monsanto . (Source: Greenpeace )
• Do you want more?
o Transgenic crops in the World and in Spain | | December 4, 2012
o Situation of transgenic crops in Spain | Privacy Policy | October 2012
o Red and Green Guide to Transgenic Food | | August 3, 2012 | (You will find the Guide at the end of the document)

Yes now. What can you do for the atelocino ?
Help preserve its natural habitat intact.

As a consumer
• Choose the wood of your furniture well. Always look for products with sustainable forest certification FSC or recycled wood .
• Avoid consumption of paper virgin. Uses recycled paper.
• Put a bin or box in your house and at your workplace to throw only paper and cardboard.
Use it and always deposits the paper and cardboard used in the blue containers.
Believe the habit: separate to recycle .
• Get used to read the ingredients of everything you buy. It will help you choose well and you will know what you eat.
• Make sure that what you eat does not contain genetically modified ingredients ( GMO , GMO or GMO ).
• He rejects the soybean and its derivatives unless you are sure it is not genetically modified or been grown on land stolen from the jungle .
The soybean grown in Spain is a good option because it is not transgenic , according to Greenpeace .
• Consume whenever you can local products . If you are going to consume products from South America , Africa or Asia , look for fair trade.
• Do you want more?

As a cyber activist

• Get informed about the problem of deforestation in the Amazon jungle .
Signature . Join in the campaigns to collect signatures promoted by prestigious NGOs aimed at curbing the deforestation of the Amazon . We offer you two options:
o ” Save the Amazon ” by Greenpeace
o ” Paraguay: the land is of the Avá Guaraní ” of Salva la Selva .
• Find it . There are many more on the net.
In all affected countries, there are nongovernmental organizations struggling to save their ecosystem .
Internet gives you the possibility to give them a hand.
• Spread it . Share these campaigns in your social networks and encourage your contacts to join them.
• Join us . The economic crisis has hit NGOs hard . Low of thousands of its partners have significantly reduced their annual income. Some funds they need to boost their campaigns and deal with the million – dollar fines and bail imposed on them by governments to punish their protest actions . If you can afford it, join or contribute financially with one of the NGOs that work to stop deforestation in primary forests :
o Greenpeace
o Save the jungle
o There are many more. If you want us to add any to this list, leave us your link in a comment at the end of this page.

Captivity and scientific research
Very few atelocinos have suffered from captivity . The first was being held and exhibited in 1882 at the London Zoo . Later, it could be seen in the zoos of Vienna, Cologne, New York and Chicago, but has never been reproduced in captivity . Currently there is no dog short ear captive in any zoo in the world. Hopefully for a long time.
The wildlife is meaningful in itself and not as a mere instrument for the satisfaction of curiosity human . Today we have enough technology to study the behavior of wild animals on the ground, using methods that are not invasive and without depriving them of their freedom , something that belongs to them by right no matter how hard we manage. Researchers such as Leite Pitman show that scientific research is not at odds with respect for living beings as individuals and not just as a species .

Keys to choosing a good projector

Although the advent of large-format flat-panel televisions has taken their place, projectors are an alternative in homes and offices. We tell you everything you need to know to choose the most suitable

Although the arrival of large format flat TVs took their role, the projectors are a valid alternative in homes and offices.

Until recently, those who wanted to enjoy the best viewing experience possible at home did not hesitate to jump to a projector, thus breaking the constraints of conventional TV. Playback quality, large images and possibility of connecting various sources were their biggest attractions. But the market began to flood television with resolution Full HD and huge diagonal and suddenly, the projectors were ostracized.

Interestingly, this movement has caused a significant drop in their prices , and thus again become a highly recommended for those who love home theater alternative. However, viewing films in the style of “popping” is not the sole purpose of a projector: can connect it to a computer and view the contents of this full screen, or even a mobile phone, tablet or game console. And, of course, to show a pass from pictures or presentations professionals are virtually unbeatable.

Thus, the projectors are divided into three large blocks: domestic, professional and portable; And before choosing one or another type, we will think about the use that we are going to give and if we need to transport it easily or not.


When projecting an image from about 12 meters we can get up to 300 inches in most cases, both on a wall and on a screen.

The importance of brightness

The fundamental difference between each segment the usually marks the light output , expressed in lumens of brightness. This standard is marked by a method of measuring the mean value established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), much more reliable than other estimates, so manufacturers often show this value as ” ANSI lumens “.

All the projectors emit a very bright light to make an image and, as a rule, the ones of domestic use are shorter than those destined to office. The reason is very simple: while in a home the most common is that the projection takes place in a room in the dark, in workplaces the environment varies more and you may need to project something in an illuminated room. With this in mind, it is preferable to start from a minimum of 1,600 lumens to get a good experience at home in a room with a light on, while if we are always going to see movies in the dark, we can choose instead for one less than 1,000.

Next to brightness, the ratio of contrast is another important indicator to determine the quality of viewing, as the higher, the better the purity of whites and blacks. If the projector of our choice has many ANSI lumens but a low contrast, the image will be discolored, because the amount of light that hits the screen causes the black to lose intensity. Starting from a native level of at least 1,500.1 is recommended, with the above 2,000: 1 being an excellent choice. Also, do not confuse the native contrast or real with the on-off dynamic contrast, much higher (but artificially) and that general rule is that manufacturers usually advertise.

Different technologies

Regardless of the level of light emitted, there is another big difference related to the technology used, with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or DLP (Digital Light Processing) prevailing at present, usually the first type in home environments and seconds The professional field.


The light output of a projector will determine whether it can be used in bright or dark rooms, and is expressed in ANSI lumens

Those of liquid crystal display (LCD) are simpler and affordable, and divide the halo of light projected on the three primary colors (red, green and blue) through a chip to reconstruct the image in a, which is formed by points. Thus, his image is very bright and colorful with good saturation level, but change can cause some pixelation (diminishing, given the advances in resolution) and the life of the lamps is limited (approximately 2,000 to 4,000 hours Of average), while with images of high contrast or in black and white can perceive some distortions.

Meanwhile, some projectors DLP such as solid state lighting are not limited by the lamp life and, unlike the LCD, do not require the presence of filters to be cleaned between 100 and 300 hours of operation, So that its maintenance and useful life ends up being greater and the additional disbursement can be worthwhile in case of intensive use. Moreover, its contrast native is clearly superior, especially with black and white, ideal if we plan to project documents with text.

There is also a third technology, as happens with televisions, is deprecated: CRT . With three cathode ray tubes of high performance and analogue image, they are usually installed at a fixed point because they are very heavy and bulky.

All this can be added the arrival of new features such as viewing 3D , something that far exceeds the experience offered by televisions of this type because of its ability to project large images that provide a field of higher vision and has Account the peripheral vision of the spectator. Or what is the same: if the 3D with a TV is like looking through a window, with a projector of this type we will get a more comfortable and comprehensive experience. And there are already projectors in addition to fashion Smart TV , integrating all kinds of services and online platforms in their own chassis. See more details and best projector here

Healthcare and vaccines in Peru (Peruvian Amazon)

If the medical services of Peru are to be used the most common for foreigners is to have to pay in advance. So it is highly advisable to take out a full medical insurance in the country of origin.

Spain has a bilateral health care agreement with Peru. Spaniards traveling to Peru will be able to benefit from this agreement by filling out the necessary forms at any Social Security office. For this they will need to go with the National Identity Document and the Social Security card.

The emergency number is Peru is 105.

What to eat:

It is recommended to drink only bottled water. Milk is usually pasteurized. Dairy products which may have been made with unpasteurized milk should be avoided. Avoid the food from the street stalls and very cheap restaurants. In the processed food always check the expiration date. Eat fresh and freshly cooked meat and fish. Pork, salads and mayonnaise may contain bacteria. It is recommended to cook the vegetables and peel all the fruit.

Other risks:

In Peru there is still rage. Physical injury should also seek health care you can go to chiro near me.Those who are going to develop activities that involve high risk should consider pre-trip vaccination. In case of being bitten you should seek health care immediately.

There are cases of hepatitis A, and in the Amazon basin there is also a risk of hepatitis B and D. Cases of Dengue have been detected in the Amazon Basin, in isolated areas of the provinces of Loreto, San Martín and Ucayali , And in the coastal zone between Tumbes and La Libertad. The incidence of typhoid fever is high.

High altitude sickness can be a problem when visiting mountain areas. A little time should be left for acclimatization and exercise should be avoided on the day of arrival.

Insect bites can be a problem in the jungle and mountain areas. Insect repellent and long sleeve clothing are recommended.
Malaria is common in the north of the country as well as in Iquitos (Amazonas), where there is risk of flooding during the Peruvian summer (from November to April).

Medical certificate:

A certificate of vaccination against yellow fever is necessary for all those older than 6 months coming from an area affected by this disease. Even so, if you travel from an area where it is not endemic, and you are going to visit the Amazon basin, vaccination is recommended. In the latter case, taking into account that there has been no news of outbreaks, vaccination is not considered mandatory to enter the country, but if it is convenient.

Vaccination against typhoid fever is also recommended as its incidence is high.

Finally, there is a risk of malaria  in all areas above 1500m and areas of Jaen, Lambayeque, Loreto, Luciano Castillo, Piura, San Martin, Tumbes and Ucayali. All health centers controlled by the Ministry of Health offer free information and medication to those who access high-risk areas.

Travelers tips: Steps to follow before and after applying a face mask

A reader applied Mensencia has shown me that we have not yet talked about what steps we should follow before and after a facial mask apply ourselves . As important as applying the mask is to prepare the skin well to maximize the result.

Now that we are going to the final stage of summer, it is a perfect time to talk about it. If you no longer feel the skin lizard, lizard, soon will you do with so much sun, sea, or air conditioning outdoor expedition pounding the epidermis.

I remind you briefly that the mask is a cosmetic cream or gel for intensive skin care . It is not used daily but weekly or fortnightly. There are moisturizing, firming, purifying masks: these explanations are suitable for all types of face masks.

Before applying the mask

If you are going to use your magic tube, do it well and without haste. Leave the watch aside and do not bother. It does not matter if it is morning or night: that does not affect the result but it does help you relax for this beauty ritual. During a pilaten facial there is the facial massage and mask before the step: it is to relax body and mind and so the skin absorbs more effectively l to mask.

It must be applied to the skin clean, squeaky clean . Ideally clean with soap or cleansing milk and perform a facial scrub. Outside the layer of dead cells of the horny layer: it allows greater absorption. If you recently did the facial peeling, then you can apply the mask after normal cleansing and the tonic flus-flus if you use it.

I remind you that the mask must be applied like putty: a thick layer . This is no time to economize or not do much.


After removing the mask from the face

The next one depends on the type of mask you use. The purifying respirators usually dry, even give a feeling of tightness in the skin. These should be removed with a damp sponge or mitten. Do not clean the skin, it is not necessary. You cleaned it before and very well. If you have cleansing tonic, apply it.

If you’re going out , you can apply your day treatment, serum, eye, bronzing powders, etc. If you have done it at night, apply your cosmetics at night (contour, serum and night cream) and sleep.


To remove any other type of mask used Kleenex, toilet paper or cotton. These do not dry, they are creamy. I do not use water to remove it: I only rub the skin by removing the excess. To go to sleep, I do not add anything even if you prefer you can use your night routine. In fact, the skin is soaked in product by the mask. It is full and happy.

In this case, if it is day or will you leave home, you served as moisturizer or foundation: not need any more. Above you can apply the bronzing powders perfectly. How well you must feel your skin!

Barcelona stops one year the opening of gyms in its most tourist area in Brazil & amazon river

The industry of fitness & fit shop review, like many other economic sectors, pay the consequences of the problems generated by the tourism in Barcelona . The City Council today announced that suspends for one year the granting of new licenses to start public gathering activities in the district of Ciutat Vella area of the Catalan capital where more neighborhood complaints have been produced by the attitude of some foreign visitors.

The municipal government has taken this decision to gain time in developing a new plan of uses in the neighborhoods of El Raval and the Gothic , in order to limit the activities that generate neighborhood problems and “enhance that stimulate the environment.” However, this time not only suspending the granting of permits to inaugurate hotel establishments, but also to all kinds of activities.

The moratorium affects sports activities, such as gyms, but also bars, restaurants, nightclubs, locutorios, supermarkets, bingos, cultural associations and ice cream shops. In addition, for the first time, no permits will be given to open tourist-related businesses such as tourist information points, ticket sales, luggage storage facilities and bicycle rental shops.

“This suspension allows us to initiate the revision and modification of the current Usage Plan in order to properly order the activities affected by the suspension of licenses. The effects of the same will be valid for a year, although if during this period is approved the new revised urban plan, it can be extended without being able to exceed two years in total, “said the consistory.

The rule will not affect the port area and certain activities around the Rambla, nor will it affect those companies that have already obtained their license to start up their business. The fact that, just this week, the City Council has put out to tender the management of two municipal sports centers, given that of Can Ricart and Colom , who are in this area where for a year can not open new gyms.

The announcement of Ada Colau’s team comes just two weeks after the Institut Barcelona Esport (IBE) assured the employer Adecaf that it had ruled out the possibility of applying a specific moratorium to the opening of gyms in the city, as had been raised In some meeting with operators. What they did not count on is a generic suspension of licensing in a certain area of the Catalan capital.

Piazza d’Oro conquer the five senses of coffee experts in their presentation in Spain

Coffee lovers are in luck because, today, can enjoy genuine Italian espresso and feelings that involves taking a cup of good coffee, then Piazza d’Oro lands in Spain with his whole body, aroma and nuances willing to conquer the consumers gourmets. The new brand was presented this afternoon at “La Terraza del Casino” Casino de Madrid, in an act that has allowed attendees to tour the five senses aroused by this product. Said tour was led by the Director General of the professional division of DE Master Blenders 1753, Lluís Solanellas, and the Director of Marketing, Cristina Herrerias.

Piazza d’Oro coffee designed for the most demanding consumers, connoisseurs and experts combining modernity and tradition.Based on the origin, development and distinction classic Italian espresso, develops a concept of tasting a cup of modern, sophisticated and elegant cafe. and will become a regular pleasure in a unique moment that will leave memory and live in depth and company.

Piazza d’Oro has designed an exclusive blend for the best detailed reviews of $500 espresso makers. A 100% Arabica espresso high selection, intense and full-bodied, velvety cream, and has many nuances and aromas. They excel in their tasting sweet flavors of chocolate, hazelnut, caramel and dried fruit. In addition, this blend contains originating coffee Mandheling village, located on the island of Sumatra, which brings notes of sweet cocoa highly valued by employers of Spanish flavor.

These features make Piazza d’Oro coffee that requires the five senses so that it can fully enjoy; something that could verify those attending your presentation with the experience of strolling through the different sensations that jealously guards an espresso.

Piazza d’Oro is smell, taste, hearing, touch and sight and so corroborating the five stations along the way. The pleasure of a cup of coffee there can never be separated from the aroma that, in this case, consists of living odors and volatile compounds transferred to fruity, herbaceous, vegetal and floral spaces. Thus, from nine evocative natural flavors of coffee, the guests recognized the three basic identifying the new blend.

Taste is certainly the aspect that a priori more look for the consumer. Thus, they had the opportunity to test filter coffee with hazelnut, chocolate and praline, natural products that evoke the taste of Piazza d’Oro. They also received the masterclass filtering barista coffee in a drip coffee cone highlighting the aromas and flavors, as well as its difference with an espresso.

A blend of quality is not just for making a good cup of coffee, but for making beverages based original and creative espresso. In this sense, the stand of sight, prepared a shakerato barista espresso, a cocktail whose base is iced espresso and blended with cream liqueur.

Piazza d’Oro, aroma and flavor are merged into a symphony of sweet and fruity notes with wild compositions, spices and caramelized cocoa notes with harmonies, which suggested to the music of the jazz band enlivened the afternoon.

Finally, the heat from an espresso, with silky perception that defines weight and density, could be played on the cups were arranged for attendees.

During the presentation of the new coffee, baristas had a prominent role, and that is to Piazza d’Oro, the figure of these professionals in the preparation and presentation of coffees and beverages that are based on the espresso is vital .

The barista is who, through their creations, satisfies customers by offering a unique, tasty and pleasurable experience. Piazza d’Oro wants to hold the key importance of this professional in the development and product tasting promoting the formation and development of experts who trust the brand, because only by knowing the product keys can be achieved the best espresso.

The general manager of the professional division of DE MASTER BLENDERS 1753, Lluís Solanellas said during sunset over Piazza d’Oro that it is “a new brand of coffee, premium, elegant, demanding in quality that will mark trend in the sector. It is certainly our best espresso designed for the most discerning palates. ” Meanwhile, Cristina Herrerias, Director of Marketing of the multinational, said that “the combination of perfect espresso has two key ingredients: a superior coffee and special training to serve as it should. Therefore, Piazza d’Oro is a brand marketed exclusively in the professional channel. It is a tribute to the baristas that take care of every detail. “

The best steam mops to clean the house

I’ll explain what a mop steam and what are the uses that can be given. But do not expect too technical words that far from help you understand, achieve only confuse you more.You will see how I will clarify all your doubts practical and easy way to clean this super recommended.

I’ll tell you how I discovered benefits of steam cleaning . Accompany me!

It happened some time ago I dedicated myself to housework to support my wife who was ill. Of course , before that he performed a few chores but I never had to worry about all the little details that cleaning a house implies.

It is clear that the doctors suggested extreme hygiene in the home, especially in our room because the tools that nurses should use care of my wife. The place should be sterilized and bacteria free .

The first day was an ordeal , wanted to prepare for the arrival of my wife having everything spotless, I bought four types of detergents, each served for something different, I also made new scrubbers, brooms, mops and everything that I thought needed to clean deeply the house.

But it was a disaster; between the fluids used I had chlorine, after twenty times squeeze mop my clothes ended with splashes and my hands were resected by the intensity of all the chemicals I combined.

cleaning accessories multifuncion

He is worse than not quickly dried the ground, I was leaving behind me a host of finger marks of my shoes . But it was not aware of my bad results, because it seemed the best effort I could do. When the nurses came to prepare the room, unable to contain a giggle, you should have seen me, it was a whole print!

That day I learned that hospitals use steam to clean their facilities and not a thousand chemicals that can harm the health of people, I was told to use mop is as ineffective as this does not bacteria are destroyed but wander a side to side of the house.


On that occasion I spoke for the first time of the steam mops and all its virtues , such that not only need water detergents , Yes, just water! They work at a temperatureabove 120 ° , the ideal way to remove bacteria .

The next day I researched on the internet about the varieties of steam mops , I was surprised to see that it was a device very handy and light , almost like a broom. I collectedall the opinions and analyzed the characteristics of each product, wanted to be sure to buy the best , not throwing money away.

This comparison I made helped me to make the best decision that was adequate not only to the type of floor that is in my house, but also the breadth thereof. It’s just what I’m going to share so you also have a guide to what best suits your needs .

I want you to know in detail the virtues of mops, which is why you will detail what the soils that can be cleaned with steam and how it is used correctly a mop. So do not make the same mistakes I made when I started to use it .

I will show you the detailed product and brand analysis I made. This was the basis for the choice I made about cleaning my house and my wife’s health.


  • 1 How the steam mop is used?
  • 2 Types of soil that we can clean steam
  • 3 Why you should buy a steam mop
  • 4 The best steam mops to cheap
  • 5 Spontex Steam Power
  • 6 Polti Vaporetto SV205
  • 7 Clatronic DR 3431
  • 8 The best steam mops in price and quality
  • 9 Steam Vileda
  • 10 BEEM Miracle Mop Germany 9 in 1 V2
  • 11 Russell Hobbs 21180-56 Steam & Clean
  • 12 Severin ST 7181
  • 13 Russell Hobbs 21340-56 Steam & Clean PRO
  • 14 brands best known mops

How the steam mop is used?

It’s very simple operation only requires:

  • fill the tank of water
  • level pressure steam
  • and wait a few seconds until warm completely

I noticed the difference at home from the first time I used it , was aware that not serve as a vacuum cleaner , is a mistake that is usually the mops.


Ensure first sweep or vacuum , so that the mop is not obstructed by large garbage, is characterized by rapidly remove stains, even in the crevices between the tiles.

I think what I liked is that we did not have to get wet hands , cloths to mop steam can be cast to the washer or easily change and dry fairly quickly. Generally it makes save time .

The house remained clean for more days and left the floor as new, shiny. He was sure thatno bacteria in the soil and let my grandson play free around the house. Even my daughter said she bought one and so no longer flying everywhere the hair of their pets.

Even the nurses were calmer, they knew that the atmosphere was extremely hygienic , mops represented a benefit to everyone at home. Keep sterilized and clean rooms no longer meant an impossible mission.

Soil types we can steam clean

The truth is that mops are multifunctional , not only serve to clean floors, you can also use in windows , tiles , tiles , carpets . They are ideal on hard floors or carpet , floors laminatesof tiles or parquet .

You must lean on the accessories that each model to adapt to all sites of your home, especially those small spaces. Most people who use mops stand that has worked very well to clean gress, parquet floors, but the key is the vapor pressure that we use.

These floors are the most common but steam mops are not limited only to this floor, but is also able to clean natural stone , vinyl flooring and PVC . They are also suitable for natural wood floors , laminates or laminated flooring .

You can also use in the kitchen or bathroom , I only ask you to remember that you arequite hygienic to each process to take the product in your line of work.

Why should you buy a steam mop

The mop you must wash before use, then prepare a bucket, water and detergents your preference. To ensure the floor is clean really need to clean it at least three times , the first time withdraw stains and polish it and aromatizas the second time, the third is to dry.


How much time it takes to do all this ?, How much water you waste ?, How are your hands after contact with chemicals ?, How long does clean your house? Do you trust is that this cleaning process removes bacteria ?

When using a mop steam only requires passing once on the floor , and material needs only water, containers tend to be 250ml to 1L , this amount is sufficient to clean large spaces .You can easily recharge and if at the end there is extra water you should remove the container so that no fungi are generated.

It is an environmentally friendly product , because the water is not contaminated with detergents and is maximized in small amounts. I like that it does not take long to heat up and are ready for use, that I save a lot of time to do more activities in the house. I have been very pleased to see that actually eliminates almost 100% of bacteria .


I forgot to buy mops , mops and detergents harmful. Of damaging my hands with the products and having to use a different liquid to clean every room of the house.Farewell be carrying a bucket of water from one side to another.

Now I have only to fill the container with water, steam mop connect the electricity and start cleaning, the soil dries almost immediately. As simple as that. ¿ Notice the difference ? They are polar opposites, not only on practicality , but in the results.

Now comes the most interesting: I made a list for you with the best steam mops there, I have separated into two categories:

  1. The cheaper .
  2. Best: have an average cost and meet all expectations about its efficiency.

The classify as cheaper, works well but the materials are not of the best quality, since the shots in your hands gives you the impression of being very fragile.

Although it can fulfill its mission without too many problems, removes dirt , dries quicklyand is easy to use . It can be used in the following types of flooring: parquet, ceramic, mother, linoleum, marble, carpets and rugs.

It is one of the most popular among people who have pets it manages to capture the smallest hairs and rioters than a broom or mop regular escape it . It’s 5 in 1, fast heats, one charge of water in the tank is sufficient to clean all the rooms .

Users of this product agree that at the beginning can be a little disappointing if you are not familiar with the products they use steam to clean, think that at the beginning, the micro fibers will very dirty and you have to change them to avoid bringing this back and other.

However on the following occasions this will not be a problem because it stays clean for many days . It is ideal for floors, windows, carpets, upholstery and floor tiles.

Much eye when choosing a product , a brand recognized not mean it will meet your expectations for this should check the features of each product , do not be fooled just because the price or brand.

Although a brand gives more guarantees when the appliance is damaged or if you need any spare , must inform you that it is not discontinued or in your area to have its support, because if you had to send or buy respuestos in another country you should see if you compensates.

I hope you have served these tips as much as I ran me to keep my house clean and disinfected.

I feel safer now that it is a healthy environment for my wife, now we have pets but we know that our soils are free of bacteria . That tranquility is what you get when using a steam mop in your home.


10 top rated coffee Amazon

Espresso manual, automatic, Italian, drip capsule … The range of coffee machine rental Singapore  we have in the market is very wide as our affinities. If we are lovers of short and intense, the espresso will be our best option. If we take industrial quantities of coffees, Italian help us to have energy throughout the day.And if what we like is the variety, some coffee machines for capsules allow us to do any kind of latte . As there is for all tastes and colors, we browsed Amazon in search of the ten best rated by users.Because basically each coffee has its moment and have a couple of coffee at home never hurts … Just incase.

Bosch TAS5542 Tassimo Coffee Multibebidas – 120 euros

The coffee with better ratings Amazon (and no negative comments). Capsule coffee machines are very popular because of the simplicity in using them , the speed with which the drinks and the versatility are prepared. Since we can prepare different types of coffee without having to store different bulky packages. This Bosch enjoys good popularity because also is available with almost 50% off its original price. A coffee very interesting thanks to its design and wide range of beverages offered by Tassimo.


DeLonghi Nespresso Citiz EN166B – 140 euros

With slightly less good than the previous reviews, this machine DeLonghi for capsules announced by George Clooney is presented as the favorite to Nespresso for Amazon user. His pressure of 19 bar ( amust for great lovers of espresso). Like the previous one , a coffee maker for those who want to get a good coffee quickly and easily and can choose from different types of grains. Because that’s the difference between Nespresso and other brands in their capsules only it offers coffee alone .


Krups Mini Me – 80 euros

With the Krups coffee we find the third type of capsules market, Nescafe Dolce Gusto. A coffee pot slightly lower score compared the two. While it is noteworthy that this coffee has more than 250 reviews, of which more than 200 four or five stars. Little more to add to one of the most popular models equipped system multibebida capsules. Where we can get from an iced tea at a chococcino.  An ideal place for lovers of all kinds of beverages derived from coffee maker. Although not so bad espresso lovers, because the machine only has an output of 15 bars, something short for a good filtering. Your deposit because of its mini size, is just a liter.

Ufesa CG7226 – 37 euros (+ 6 € for postage)

White goods company based in Zaragoza (although it was bought by the German group in early 2015 BSH)has one of the best drip coffee for valued by users of Amazon. Its more than acceptable dimensions and size for a coffee machine of this type (barely two kilos and pitcher specially designed to preserve the aroma of the coffee longer make it a five star product and great value for money.


Russell Hobbs 20770-56 Clarity – 74 euros (+ 4 € for postage)

Another coffee drip that sneaks among the best rated Amazon products and that, unlike line Ufesa, clearly advocates a modern and futuristic design, common in Russell Hobbs designs. But not everything stays in aesthetics, because the Clarity has a water filtration system (called BRITA) with a better quality water is obtained. It also has a technology that regulates the temperature so that overexposed coffee at high temperatures, avoiding the insidious smell of burning.  It has more than three liters and weighs three kilos.


Krups Nescafe Dolce Gusto Drop – 125 euros

Krups Dolce Gusto and repeat with a machine which calls primarily for a modern and elegant design . A coffee also make us a wide range of coffees and drinks both hot and cold serves as adecorative element in our kitchen or office. Unlike the mini model, model Drop has chimed filling , a very useful way to prepare suitable our drinks and is not included in the lower ranges of the German mark tool.In addition to touch screen to select the temperature of the beverage. Like the mini model, apneas has a deposit of one liter.


Ibili 620,310 – Coffee Express Essential Inox 10 cups – 40 euros

Advances in the world of coffee has not buried the old and classic Italian coffee. And all we can find on Amazon, manufactured by the company Ibili is the most valued by buyers. Accommodating up to ten cups of coffee and a stainless steel finish, this coffee has an amazing warranty of 19 years.Compatible with induction plates and glass ceramics. A classic typology very pleasing to the consumer and that will provide an elegant scent to your home.


Saeco Exprelia – 1,300 euros

The legendary Italian brand has always been known for manufacturing the highest – end models for coffee lovers . Only has three reviews but all three received the highest score. And considering that a product is only for people with a very high purchasing power, there is little else to trust his judgment after having invested thousand euros in preparing coffees. This machine Saeco is defined as the “authentic Italian coffee perfection.” Milk frother features and comes equipped with a program that saves your favorite settings when prepare a coffee. That price includes a system of internal self – cleaning and removal of lime deposits. In addition to boast design with a stainless steel finish. Deposit to integrate milk into the mixture preparation system removable double boiler to obtain more homogeneous mixtures and a selection of drinks are some of the extras that justify the price of this coffee Saeco.

Krups YY8203 – 220 euros

The third machine of the German company on the list. Although this capsule away from the concept andpresents a hybrid between an espresso machine and manual drip coffee . A good choice for the undecided or those who take several coffees a day. A fairly heavy machine because it is planted in the seven and a half kilos and with a maximum pressure of 15 bar, something short for lovers of good espresso. Something that is supplied by its many features and versatility. An aluminum finish for a product of classic cut, no longer counts or screens or control accessories and digital preparation.

Melitta Aromaboy – 27 euros

Classic design, vintage style coffee flavor and appearance of life … If all you want is a machine that will prepare your morning coffee while you’re at your stuff and step you give a different design to your kitchen with the Aromaboy you have more than enough. A product highly valued and very economical.

Top Ten Software to help accountants

As an accountant, your job is to keep customer accounts. And to add that equipment and software accounting simply make your life great. Here is a software revision of accounting top 10 that will help you and your customers better manage their finances.

Software accounting is a blessing for many of us – including accountants!They help us keep our accounts – whether personal or for our business.However, with so many options available on the market, it is sometimes very difficult to choose the right accounting software package that will be perfect for the accounting as well as for individuals. Hopefully this review will help you limit your options.


This software comes in different flavors depending on the number of users. Among Peachtree Pro, Peachtree Complete, Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum buyers can choose between several characteristics, depending on what you need specifically. Of these, Peachtree Premium and Peachtree Quantum also have issues of counters, which can be very useful for professional accountants. He added that these are multiple accounts and business management tools, customized reports for specific needs of industry and even payroll management solutions – you have a complete package of softwareaccounting is right for your pocket as well.


A very popular software choice accounting for managing personal and professional accounts, Quickbooks offers something for everyone.QuickBooks is available in versions start Simple, Pro and Premier. There is also a free version of the software available for download from the Web site and an online version of the software that can be accessed via the Internet. There is also a Premier version specifically for accountants.Each version offers a number of features – usually a simple and intuitive interface, access to various reports, payroll and even tax administration.


This is another popular choice in all areas for individuals, small businesses and accountants. A software package platform, MYOB Essentials online bookkeeping services offers versions users accounting Premier and Business Essentials for Windows and AccountEdge, FirstEdge and lack of protection for Mac users. It typically includes billing, banking, contact management, payroll management, inventory management , time billing, purchasing management and more than 200 different reports.

Accounting for Microsoft Express

Microsoft offers a number of accounting that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft products, while allowing you to manage your accounts, invoices, payroll and even accept credit cards. You can also track your billable time, create quotes and invoices , and create custom reports 50 templates available.


This is a management system online accounts. There is no software to download and install because it is based on the web. The site offers different roles to manage accounts, along with a variety of reports and tools for managing accounts receivables, accounts payable, payroll management and inventory along with time billing functions costing and banks . A good option if you do not want to install another software package on the computer and want to access their accounts via the Internet.


This is another management system web based account. FreshBooks offers several functions such as billing, time tracking, creating estimate, expense tracking and customer and personal tracking among others. You can have a free account with FreshBooks account or paid depending on the number of contractors to add. FreshBooks also offers branding solutions helping to create an interface that is consistent with the colors of the logo and company.


This is a software package that provides a complete set of functions ofaccounting and integration with banking, expense tracking, payroll, create custom invoices, payment processing credit card and 125 custom reports. An additional purchase tax table updates to automatically calculate your taxes and deductions.


DacEasy is a software package accounting pretty good offers typical features and sections as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll management, monitoring, banking and other inventory movements. A variety of reports of these different sections also allow you to review and manage your business more effectively.


CYMA is also another package of accounting preferred. Like several software packages accounting , this software also provides accounts payable and accounts receivable, payroll management, integration of banking, general movements and labor costs. However, it also offers two sections that are not offered by many other software packagesaccounting : purchase order management and systems management.However, this software does not offer features such as inventory and billing time.


A series based on the web account features, NolaPro offers a number of facilities such as managing accounts payable and receivable, payroll, order tracking, inventory control, point of sale and a shopping cart e -commerce. NolaPro also has a number of plugins that enhance the functionality of all accounts.

These software packages accounting should give an idea of what’s available in the market. Therefore, depending on your needs and the size of your business you can make the right decision.

Amazon enters the business email

Amazon Web Services that are out are introducing new cloud – based services without stopping.They do not give us much time to breathe when they have another solution. It is no secret that Amazon is a reference to cloud computing , cloud hosting and virtualization of servers around the world, and as such have launched a service to enter the lucrative business of emails with Amazon Simple . In short a service for sending bulk e – mail that can be integrated seamlessly into third party web platforms.

The potential for Amazon SES is undoubtedly a lot, because it allows us to deploy our services sending mailings by email, newsletters, email marketing, … and everything that represents a high volume of shipments without a large deployment of servers and processing power.

Since then the logical move shipping service bulletin is to assess whether it is cheaper to send by Amazon SES to set up their own servers for sending emails, or use Amazon SES for support when their systems do not overstretched.

A clear business idea would be to deploy a company for sending newsletters using Amazon SES infrastructure, which would be a low cost mounting platform and pay only for usage based on shipments. At the moment the first 2,000 shipments each month are free and then for only $ 0.10 per 1,000 deliveries. The traffic consumed is paid separately, but certainly not usually much with sending newsletters.

Now I would like to know how Amazon will control the possibility of sending spam from your mail service. And where is the Data Protection Act in the case of Spain , mails can be sent from its data centers in Ireland or only from the United States. Even with these questions I think are worth at least prove that this works if you have a high volume of emails sent on a regular basis.

After learning English on tape, man travels the world and says he already has 7 languages

Going out in the world with a backpack knowing different cultures is the dream of many people. The Amazonian Ailton Ferraz Vieira, 52, discovered early on a way to know places, people and even help in the savings of home. Son of a locksmith and a housewife, at the age of 9 he began to study English alone, by means of cassette tape and books, at home, in his parents’ canoe or where he could lean more and focus on learning.

Learning a new language is a challenge for many people. Learning seven, moreover, alone, seems to be a much greater task. como aprender ingles de verdade, Spanish and French, but can also communicate in German, Japanese, Italian and Swahili – one of the official languages of Kenya and Tanzania.

Born in Itacoatiara , 176 km from Manaus , Ailton says that early on , he and six siblings helped their parents at work. Sometimes he would sell baskets on boats that came with tourists and thus had contact with languages other than Portuguese.

“My father, with his little knowledge of geography, told me that the ship’s people lived far from Brazil, that he spoke another language, had another culture. I said that he wanted to learn English and he saved some money and bought some tapes When I came back from school I would lock myself up in the bedroom and spend hours decorating and repeating the sentences, “he recalls.

His dedication to learning the language earned Ailton some discrimination from his friends, who often said that he was just wasting time and learning another language would not do him any good. “I stayed on the school sidewalk with the tape recorder, walked with the books, they laughed at me, but I did not call, I kept learning.The advantage is that at that time there was no electricity at home, so instead of playing ball or running in the street, I studied, “he recalls.

For 23 years Ferraz has been living in Winnipeg, Canada. There, he lives with a couple of children and his wife. He maintains an office where he sells sightseeing, works as a security guard on a radio and television station, and works for nonprofits. Photography is also one of your passions and area of expertise. In Brazil, he worked as a bricklayer’s assistant, accountant assistant and tour guide on tours by the rivers of the Amazon , where he met his Canadian wife.

11At the beginning of his career as a tour guide, Ailton presented the cities of Amazonas to the tourists (Photo: Arquivo Pessoal)

Ailton accumulates trips through various parts of the world, many of them made with the wife. “I was traveling in South America. I remember that we went out on a line engine [boat] from Manaus to Tabatinga, from there we crossed to Leticia to take the visa and enter Colombia We spent several days on the boat eating cooked chicken and coffee with biscuits.That was the menu.From Leticia we went to Bogotá, Ecuador and Venezuela, “he says.

“From a boat trip, the adventures started, a new world was created within me, I started to have new experiences and I wanted to continue doing it, I liked it a lot, I think I created a type of character inside of me. To take care of me and my girlfriend, now wife. Traveling completely took away the fear of leaving my country, my family and my home to start my adventures around the world, “he says.

The detachment gave the couple trips to countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica, Turkey, Russia and Kenya, as well as many stories. However, one in particular marked the life of the couple: the trip in an old Colt vehicle, with “some parts glued with tapes”, by the United States.

“After meeting some South American countries, we decided to one day travel the US in an old Colt car, I was afraid to use the car, but we decided to go, I had a friend in Colorado and we went to visit her. Marked my life together with my wife.I remember that we traveled through a cornfield in Chicago listening to the band Creedence Clearwater Revival.We got to go back to the old Colt’s house and soon after our return to Canada we sold the Colt for 50 dollars We have traveled in some 15 countries, but we have plans to go in more, “he says.

Focus the guard, guide, volunteer and photographer had to learn English alone as a child, made him study all the other languages spoken in the places to which traveled. In addition to studying languages, Ferraz studies photography, which according to him, is important to improve the photographic style.

know more

  • Brazilian couple drops everything to travel the world by car for 3 ½ years
  • ‘Study turned into habit’, says approved in 13 public tenders, in the AM
  • Asking for a ride, French visits 71 countries without spending with transportation

“My mother would point the finger at my notebook with homework and say,” Capricha in your studies that will serve you later. “Even without having her by my side and not being able to see her ever repeating this gesture, still No matter what age, I still feel like a boy fighting for my goals and I will only grow old when I stop fighting for my dreams.Then yes, my studies and achievements will not serve me anymore.I never want to disappoint My sweet mother wherever she is at that moment.It was my studies that opened the door to a world of adventure and took me to the frontiers of places I never imagined to know, “Ailton acknowledges.

Backpacker tips
The Ailton experience has shown that one of the main factors to make a good trip is to know the language. However, customs and festivities are also important to adapt to the place, according to the backpacker.

“For example, in Cuba there are several musical festivals where the day of the Cuban revolution is celebrated, but we do not talk about religion, nor do we see people carrying the bible on the street or preaching the gospel on the street corners. Che Guevara and what happened on the day of the revolution. They do not talk about communism or socialism, but they like to talk about their idols, “he said.

Ailton also recommends research on the religion and religious holidays of the nation that will be visited. On a trip through Turkey, the Amazon learned this in practice by passing through Ramadan – a month in which Muslims practice ritual fasting.

“In Ramadan, people are fasting during the day and food can only be served after sunset. In some bars it is only allowed to sell water, not alcohol. For those who live in Canada, like me, I had a lot to learn With the Turks on the importance of knowing a religious holiday, “he said.

Diet in the Amazon

Considered one of the techniques of self healing work, initiation and more effective and powerful healers and vegetalistas teachers of western Amazonia learning, diet is a temporary retreat in the jungle in total isolation, in deep contact with nature, work with altered states of consciousness and taking sacred plants combined different or Master under a given and rigorous diet, including fasting if necessary. The aim is to provoke a deep cleansing at all levels to eliminate aspects that block the sensitivity, stimulate and enhance the capacity oneiric work of introspection.

The retreat has been very important in all cultures, and is a period in which the person moves away from the world he knows, habits and comforts, disconnected from their routines, is isolated, all with the purpose to renew, purify, win energy, sensitivity and clarity. Every culture has some specific techniques: meditation, breathing, fasting, prayer, singing, dancing or eating plants, but the common factor in all of them is a period of isolation for later return to the world with a physical renewal, mental, emotional and spiritual.

What is called diet in the context of the Amazonian Traditional Medicine it involves much more than refrain from consuming certain substances or foods. It is a state of purification, retreat, quiet, silence, reflection, meditation, commitment, respect, yoga burn review and connection with everything around us.

We can structure the diet of the following parts: the purge, ayahuasca sessions, retirement and post-diet.


The purges are very important and is a common practice in the western Amazon. It involves ingesting a concoction of plants, usually emetic, in a process that can take several hours, and that causes a debugging at all levels, ousting the body both toxins and negative emotions, preparing the body to get clean to the diet. Aside from the physical cleansing, purging help return, release and expel negative contents that have been “swallowed” in life. With the purge, it also stimulates the oneiric capacity.

There are several plants used to purge. One of the principal is the Yawar Panga (Aristolochia didyma) which causes a powerful debugging especially abdominal and psycho-emotional level. a small dose of fresh juice and plenty of water plant (3 to 6 liters) is taken. It is often used to counteract withdrawal symptoms in the early stages of detoxification in cases of alcoholism and drug addiction.

Another widely used plants is the Snuff (Nicotiana rustica), also as an emetic concoction, which causes a cleansing of the body in general, especially in the chest area and airways, in addition to clear and give clarity to the mental level, also used in cases of addiction to snuff.

It is important to note that unlike what happens in our Western culture where vomiting is associated with a negative connotation, traditional disparate medicines such as Amazon and Ayurveda (Panchakarma) for example, agree that it is extremely important to purges regularly to detoxify not only physical but also mental and emotional level, downloading and removing the body both impurities and toxins and negative emotions.

Ayahuasca sessions

The next day, it is something light lunch and evening participating in an Ayahuasca ceremony, called the “master teacher” plant. The ceremonies are usually group and always directed by a master healer.

It is not my intention in this article to historical, anthropological or biochemical references about Ayahuasca and their uses, because many studies and documentation to respect already exist, just note that Ayahuasca mixture and ancestral discovery of the Amazon Indians, is the basis of traditional medicines of the Amazon.

Conducting Ayahuasca sessions during the diet varies estimated each healer. Just as some prefer to do only one session at the beginning of the retreat, others perform one at the beginning and at the end to close the retreat. some also consider it appropriate to include sessions during the diet taking advantage of the person, according to his vocabulary, he is “open”.


After the first session of Ayahuasca, withdrawal begins. This can be several periods, from 7 days two weeks, a month or more, depending on the purpose of the diet.

During this period the dietador remains in full boarding isolation in the jungle in a tambo (hut or rustic cabin) Single, consisting of a roof of palm leaves, a mattress with a mosquito net, a hammock in the best and hole in the ground where they do their needs.

The food during this period is sparse, neutral, and consists of boiled rice or oats, salt, sugar and spices, some roasted or boiled green bananas. total sexual abstinence, contact with other people, to avoid any excessive physical, mental effort, exposure to sun, water, fire and certain flavors and scents are required, including cleaning supplies.

Every day the dietador drink a herbal remedy that prepares the healer, based on so-called “master plants” and the choice is made based on the psychophysical requirements, time of personal process, plant characteristics and desired effects. We found similarities between the concepts of Amazonian healers and East, there are yin plants or yang, male or female, that cool or warm, and you have to take special care in selecting the plant to be dietar in order not to strengthen soften unwanted structures or structures already if weak.

During this process the only contact with third parties are brief visits the “master healer” and the person in charge of bringing the food. Most of the time is spent lying in the hammock, in an intermediate state between wakefulness and sleep. Loneliness, heat, sounds of the jungle, mosquitoes, hunger and low sodium favor a state of consciousness that contact with oneself and with nature is total. This state propitious that psychic resistance will weaken, allowing greater commitment to the process and facilitating the encounter with the “inner healer”.

Some teachers plants used in the diet and its effects by empirical knowledge of physicians vegetalistas the Peruvian Amazon:

Ajo Sacha (Mansoa stendlyi): male plant. Invigorates, warms and strengthens. It strengthens the will, self-esteem and decision-making capacity.

Ayahuasca (Banisteriopsis caapi): female plant. It causes many dreams, visions and insigths. Feeling out of the body, mind and travel distance communication.

Bubinzana (Calliandra angustifolia): female plant. Opening and most affective communication. Rooted, calms and soothes feelings.

Chiricsanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora): male plant. It works fears, physical and emotional cold. It increases self confidence.

Bachufa (varies bark): Combination of male plants. Invigorates and strengthens the will, the sense of life, self-confidence, freedom and strength itself. Straightening.

Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus krukovii): male plant. Restores the “center”. Invigorates. Corrects righteousness, straightens.

Uchusanango (Tabernaemontana sananho): male plant. Invigorates and fortifies he says the will, rectification of errors, clarified and concretized for future plans. Feeling eliminating negative thoughts and feelings (purification by fire). Strengthens libido.

Ushpawashasanango (Tabernaemontana undulata): female plant. Reconnects with the emotional memory, negative memories but also positive and works emotional balance. emotional shock, hypersensitivity, sensitizes.

Snuff (Nicotiana rustica): male plant. Purifies and strengthens the physical body, causes mental clarity, energy protection. Reinforces the work of other plants. It facilitates the removal of secretions from the airways. It stimulates dream activity.

It is surprising that predictable observe what are the effects of these plants, especially psycho-emotional level, despite the uniqueness of each individual and their own personal process. In addition to the effects on subtler levels, assets and components phytochemicals principles also work on the physical body: to strengthen the musculoskeletal system, treat rheumatism, immune system, anti-inflammatory, invigorating, detoxifying, etc.

It is believed that through diet can make contact with the spirit of the plant and that its “strength” enters the body and is part of the person’s diet. Some people find their skills and empathy with certain medicinal plants during a diet precisely doing to heal any ailment or disease, to the point that many healers began in the course of a diet while they themselves are healed.

The last day of the retreat, the ritual closing of diet is usually performed in the morning. The “master” I blows snuff “icarado” (1) in the energy points dietador and gives a mixture of lemon, garlic, onion, tomato and salt, or just a tablespoon of salt. The restorative effect of sodium is felt immediately. We close with this the “door” that opened when you start the diet.

The post diet

Once the diet closed, it is advisable to return to everyday life in a gradual way, and we must pay special attention to the stage of post-diet, as to prevent the occurrence of adverse effects must be respected and follow strict rules, they are not easy to carry once the removal and dietador returned to their daily lives.

The usual period is 15 days without sugar of any kind, pork, strong spices, alcohol, drugs or chemical medicines, and avoiding strong smells like perfumes, soaps and chemical-laden environments. Total sexual abstinence should be 30 days after completion of the diet.

Transgress these rules, even unintentionally, it is called “cross diet” and the implications may be more or less severe, depending on the plant that was ingested and the magnitude of the transgression. Usually it manifests worsening the box was intended to cure, and may include physical discomfort, headache, nervousness, irritability, fear, aggression and even more complicated to physical, psychological and neurological level cadres. In these cases, a correction should be made as soon as possible, which may consist from a manipulation by the curandero (plant baths, blown or “icaradas” with snuff) to a purge or repetition of the diet.

Although they use a language sometimes difficult to understand for the western rational mind, is fascinating ancestral knowledge of these “vegetalistas doctors’ knowledge of plants and fine handling as well as the action of its treatments on the causes rather than on the symptoms, and holistic view of human beings as part of nature, shared vision by all traditional medicines.

Scientific advances of allopathic medicine are undeniable, although there is increasing evidence that we have also forgotten “something” in the way of progress. It would be good without giving up these advances, recuperásemos the Hippocratic concept Vis Natura Medicatrix, whereby the healing life force is Nature itself, and the work of the doctor would favor a suitable environment and provide the means for this vital force nature, present in humans as part of it, carry out the process with maximum efficiency.